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Chalcid Collective

The Chalcid Collective

The Monarch

Chalcid Queen Sedition Balechild

Sedition Balechild

Chalcid Balemex Queen

Born at the Balehome to Myrmex Queen Paroxysm and balespawn xenodragon Malice (or Maliss, if you prefer), Sedition and her ilk are a unique occurence, being both purebred Myrmex and purebred Balespawn.

Sedition leads her collective as a mother leads a family: she makes the rules, but she also carefully looks out for her brood. Any that join the hive must do so out of love for her, and are welcomed with open arms and offered the touch of the balefire if they so desire.

She is big-hearted and ambitious. Her children will be many, and they will be strong.

The Warriors


The Queen’s honour guard. A granted rank, to the best and the strongest of the warriors. They are generals and leaders, as well as the Queen’s closest tactical advisors.

Blue and Black Blight Warrior Impulse Balechild, young
Impulse Balechild
Blight Warrior Balemex (they/them)


Those who fight for the rest. Warriors have committed their bodies and minds to the physical defense of the collective and of the Queen, lead by the Praetorians.

The Comrades

The bulk of the collective. Encompassing the classic rank of drone, as well as any who join the hive who were not born into a natural ranking system, most of the Collective’s population are considered comrades. They make up the life of the hive, including all jobs and roles outside of hive defense.

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