Species: Adult Female Mature Mutt
Type: Purple-Blue-Black Mutt
Size: 5.8m at the shoulder (Medium-Large)
From: Star City
Name: Desene
Personality: Desene is a very private, pragmatic dragoness. She enjoys such things as dim lighting, intelligent and quiet conversation, and good hearty food. Her quiet exterior does, however, shelter an emotional heart, something she doesn't often let show, taking into consideration the often-insensitive actions of others. She is an amazing cook, for a dragon, and if she were more socially inclined she could throw absolutely great dinner parties.
Abilities: Psionics (telepathy, teleportation)
Flight Sons Daughters
Mate Purpura Cerex, Niteshan Asandus
Veretus C., Black Nabethia C., Cream
Orbetas C., Brown
Locale Atu, The Fur and Feathers Frenzy
Stories The Fur and Feathers Frenzy
Bonding Ceremony #1
Bonding Ceremony #2