Red-Grey Dragon Mutt, Guard and Minion

Name: Kitty
Personality: Kitty -- goodness knows if that's her real name or just something that KTFE's decided to call her -- is, in her mistress's eyes, pretty well the perfect minion. She's laid-back, likes to listen rather than talk, she's exceedingly efficient, and tends to accept assignments without a whole ton of questioning.

Aside from her duties, such as they are, she's actually a rather opaque personality, that is, she's hard to get to know. She has an easy smile for most everyone but it tends to just be a pleasant front; whatever goes on behind that smile is rarely shown. She likes people but will settle herself in the middle of a crowd and do very little socializing. She loves stories and secretly loves adventure, which is probably why she took the 'job' when KTFE approached her in the first place.
Abilities: Psionics (Telepathy, Teleportation), Verbal Speech, Stealth
Age: Adult
Species: Dragon Mutt
Color/Type: Red-Grey
Gender: Female
Size: 1.7m at the shoulder (Medium-Small)
Origin: Unknown




Flight Sons Daughters
Mate Sayen Chxalli, Brown Yautjadragon Onaw C., Grey-Cream
Kintwar C., Brown-Grey
Endu C., Red-Grey
Beca C., Brown
Entha C., Gold
Tinpola C., Red
Therche C., Brown-Orange
Locale Ihlathi, The FlammaAgua
Flight n/a
Hatching n/a

Chorrma Name: Chorrma
Species: Denner Firelizard
Gender: Male
Rank: Lesser
Abilities: Teleportation, Empathy
Personality: Calm, cheerful, careful.
From: The Healing Den