Purple Thunderbird, Trouble

Name: Yoki'kee
Personality: Okay, so she doesn't live in the Caverns proper, or really at all, but she's there often enough that most of the other residents kind of assume she's one of them. The fact is that Yoki'kee loves to stir up trouble, and there is no quarry as satisfying to harass as a volatile fire elemental!

KTFE assumes that Yoki comes from among the ranks of Agate's minions, what with her penchant for thunder and lightning and the way she goes to great efforts to bring the storms indoors and literally rain on K's parade, but the truth is that Yoki is her own bird and causes havoc for her own entertainment! She's even made some friends around the Caverns who share her sense of humor, much to their patron's utter frustration. She is a friendly if spastic individual, and is a whole ton of fun to be around -- as long as you're not the butt of one of her jokes.
Abilities: Lightning Breath, Lightning Immunity, Thunder, Weather Magic
Age: Adult
Species: Thunderbird
Color/Type: Purple, purple!
Gender: Female
Size: 5.2m at the shoulder (Medium-Large)
Origin: The Mobius Ship