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Chrisarellass (she never shortens her name), despite her genetics, is not cut out to be a senior queen. Howevwer, she’s just about perfect for the role of junior queen. She would rather not breed unless someone else decreed it, and ever since she was a tiny hatchling she has been utterly content to follow the lead of a higher ranking peer — in her case, it was first Flortemss and then when they arrived at the hive it was Rutulus. She is still undeniably a queen, however, handing out orders and commands like she has done this all her life (actually she has), and she is the kind of personality that it is simply impossible to concieve of disobeying.

She is a sober-minded queen and usually even-tempered; it takes a lot to ruffle her feathers. For this reason she’s been given the duties of mediating conflicts and doling out the kind of minor disciplinary actions that Rutulus does not want to deal with herself. Generally, she keeps the wheels greased and the nitty gritty of hive life running smoothly. She is a little absentminded when it comes to her lower-ranking subjects, though, often forgetting that this or that drone needs something, or even that they are there. It’s a good thing that she’s so incredibly tiny, or she’d probably end up stepping on her subjects by accident.


Spotted Yellow (chicken)


Junior Queen




0.9m shoulder (small)


The Healing Den’s Easter Egg Gather 2008


Mindstream Communication

Reproduction via spores

Locate anything lost/hidden

Acid Blood


Tangy mushroom flavoured; regenerates after being chomped



Many, unknown

Parent Cluster

Makenzie, Chocolate Covered Bananadragon with Sprinkles

Eadwynn, Green Bunny Dragon

Akiuth, Pale Rainbow Peep

Azradesh, Blue-Green Bird Dragon

Nijosys, Dark Brown Xenodragon