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Memorial Clutch

Silver Marked Storm Pernese Anaiath, young


Silver-Marked Storm Pernese (she/her)
Winter Tundra Pernese Suzurth, young

Drisinil Mlezziir and Suzurth

Elf (she/her) & Winter Tundra Pernese (she/her)
Burnt Copper Pernese Mytrath, young

Ghaundar Hyluan and Mytrath

Elf (they/them) & Burnt Copper Pernese (she/her)
Bronzed Brown Pernese Luricth, young


Bronzed Brown Pernese (he/him)
Clouded Rose Gold Pernese Tiriath, young


Clouded Rose Gold Pernese (she/her)