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Black Pawn 1 Mutt Idunstash


Bonded to Niteres


Sprightly, assertive, and hungry for the full buffet of life: Idunstash is indomitable and a bit ridiculous.

Him and his sister Jesastash are especially inseperable, but with their third sibling Risastash they make a very troublesome trio. They live for new experiences, both for themselves and shared with their co-bonds, and Idunstash especially is always on Niteres’s case to try new things, frequently and unrepentantly interrupting her lazy lifestyle. It’s good for her, he asserts.

This little teeny dragon acts like he’s ten times his own size, and if he ever learns how to size-shift, he absolutely will be. He’s not the instigator amongst the trio of him, Jesastash and Risastash, but he’s definitely the one who finds their way back out of sticky situations, mainly by seeming to be heartily oblivious to danger and acting like he has everything under control at all times. Does he actually believe that? Or is it a very, very good “fake it till you make it”? No one knows, and he’s not telling.


Stats: Strength (3), Speed (3), Endurance (5), Agility (3), Health (1), Intelligence (3)


Niteres, bond

Jesastash, sister and bond’s bond’s bond

Lehosa, bond’s bond and sister’s bond

Risastash, sibling

Mortimer D., sibling’s bond

Wizeeth, great grandpaw

Deesilen T., great uncle


Mutt (Kijana/Tattoo)


Black Pawn 1






1.2m shoulder (small), little but strong






Verbal Speech

Magic Sense

Paradise Creation

Light Breath (weak)

Divination (weak)



Idunstash, Black
Black Pawn 2, Black
Black Pawn 3, Dark Grey
Risastash, Dark Grey
Black Pawn 5, Dark Grey
Black Pawn 6, Grey
Quipstash, Grey
Wurostash, Grey
Herostash, White
Vesistash, White
White Pawn 3, Light Grey
White Pawn 4, Light Grey
White Pawn 5, Light Grey
White Pawn 6, Grey
Jesastash, Grey
Celustash, Grey


Sta Turun (donor)
Grey Mutt


Astroma Turun
Copper-Dusted White Mutt


Copper-Dusted White Wyld


Nightwish Turun
Indigo-Black Moirean








Shiyo (donor)
Black Kijana













Written by Shard, for the 2021 Checkerboard Ball Pickups

The whole place was deeply under the sea, was it? And with locally-residing dragons already having their own dome to ‘fly’ around in? Delightful! Niteres gave her rider a running commentary on events as they played out – there were handsome dragons doing sharpshooting with their breath weapons, and a ‘dating game’ which, while she was tempted, Niteres didn’t really feel like putting herself out there to some random group of gents. But when there was an exterior hunt organized? With magic that allowed her to breathe while under all that ocean? Niteres took that up just to prove that she was right all along: her arm-wings, though still useful in the air, were of the best configuration below the surface of water! She didn’t really ‘hunt’ so much as ‘enjoy the feeling’ of rushing around under the crushing sea without being crushed, breathing from a magically induced bubble that kept up around her head even when she was at full torpedo-speed.

She and the other dragons participating were given strict instructions to avoid crashing into things near the Domes and the city of Rapture itself. The place might look fanciful and functional but it was fragile at best, half of it still under renovation. A few local dragons, Seawings, had sonic attacks that they used to stun prey, and they were the ones who informed others – stay clear of any of those walls, domes, and walkways. Obviously they had to mind which direction they shot their powerful stunning bursts: if they could knock out a giant fish or a school of them with that blast, imagine what damage it would do to the scenery?

But there were still plenty of places that she could ‘fly’, around rock arches and through weird worm-tube vents spewing warmth out through the chill water. The Hathian mutt did wear out after a short time, because obviously she wasn’t used to going full speed through the deepest sea. So eventually she did pick a few medium sized fish off, consuming them while still under the water, and then resurfaced in the air lock. Dripping wet, Niteres was about to shake off, when she noticed one of those little helper dragons zipping around.

That dragon had arm wings, just like her. And they were so small! Quick on their feet, almost too quick to–

Hey! What? Niteres could hardly move, when the dragonet scampered up her leg, chittering madly to itself, and selected a portion of her shoulder armor to smack. It didn’t hurt, obviously, because it was armor. But – then the dragon slung a small packet with a handle over her eye-horn, giggling with a strange sonic power, and bolted off. After a minute or two of looking at the thing that it had plastered to her still-wet armor, a little piece of paper fluttered to the floor, blank. But where it had been, there was a dark marking?

Though she had to twist her head around a bit to see it right-side-up, Niteres realized that the image on her shoulder was of a black ‘chess pawn’. Thematic, obviously, to the party! Well, that was… festive? She’d dried off enough otherwise to re-enter the party cavern proper, so she did.

(continued on Jesastash‘s page)