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Keshoo Chxalli

Keshoo Chxalli


Fitting right in with Paxis, Keshoo takes the older dragon as both a father and a bosom buddy. This dynamic will probably change more to the latter as Keshoo grows up, but for now he follows Paxis around a lot and looks up to him as a role model. He means well by this, and is surprisingly not annoying for a kit his age. This probably stems from how very loving he is about the whole thing combined with the level of self-assurance he already shows. Even for a youngster, he is confident in himself and his abilities (or really, his ability to learn how to use his many abilities), and that confidence translates to an unassuming personality that more often gives than takes. He rarely himself needs comfort or solace, but he is truly and deeply a kind personality and so is always willing to be there when others need him. He does tend to oversimplify situations that need complex solutions, but this may just be a lack of maturity, and his attention span for suffering peters out a bit when the same person is a needy wet blanket for too long.

Maybe the way Keshoo manages to be so self-assured and endlessly confident is that he takes pleasure in the simple things in life. He takes pleasure in food, drink, bed, friends, hugs, parties — things of the flesh, and he truly does take more pleasure in them than anything else. Offer him a choice between the best book in the world and a really comfortable pillow, and he’ll take the pillow every time. He’s not simple or stupid, but he’ll never be learned, simply because he enjoys sensations and activities way more than pursuits of the mind. He is completely unremorseful about this, and kind of looks down on people who have chosen to deny themselves earthly pleasures for whatever reason.


To enjoy the physical pleasures of life. To help and encourage the sad or downtrodden. Good food, good drink, physical contact and comfort.


Matramo S., sponsor

Riyae C., sister

Anhbesana D.P.. cousin

Lasair D.P., cousin

Sihir D.P., cousin

Paxis D.P., sponsor-uncle

Fortis D.P., sponsor-uncle

Tripudia D.P., sponsor-aunt




Orange with Potassium Fire






3.3m shoulder (medium), 8.2m long (medium-short)


The Bower, Clutch 19R





Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleportation

Verbal Speech

Functional Magic

Generates a form of magic that can be manipulated like a physical material to serve a wide range of tasks; can also be used to supplement diet and lengthen lifespan

Shifting (Human-Asandus Spectrum)

Changes into a human form (skin and hair color preserved), and intermediate forms with practice

Body-Heat Control

Can change body temperature approximately 5 degrees celsius up or down


Can shift between planes in the universe, though it has an affinity towards fiery, chaotic, ‘hellish’ ones and has a very difficult time with ones that are more ‘heavenly’


Accompanying Paxis and Riyae to sponsor at Nidus Asteri




Cucytao C., Mahogany Brown
Keshoo C., Orange
Ketee C., Red-Black
Nice C., Rust Red
Raeryo C., Red-Black
Riyae C., Opalescent White


Chigretle C., Opalescent White
Niloniy C., Black
Sweya C., Dark Rust Red

Itheflene Chxalli

Red-Black Mutt

Durolor Caelumpictor

Red-Orange Mutt


Orange and Cream Il’arta

Ilmi Caelumpictor

Dark Red-Grey Mutt

Cyprium Chxalli

Copper Flamed Copper Fireling

Nin’Queesha Chxalli



Gold-White Sun Goddess


Fire Elemental

Paxis Diemicana-Pariyani

Askan-Piralan Asandus

Ketvia Pariyani

Piralan Asandus

Adama Pariyani

Piralan Asandus

Reve Pariyani

Piralan Asandus

Chiya Diemicana

Askan Asandus

Cadencia Diemicana

Askan Asandus

Ivrian Diemicana

Askan Asandus