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Lepidoptera Hive

Lepidoptera Hive

The Monarchs

Tiger Swallowtail Xenohydra Queen Rutulus

The Queen

Tiger Swallowtail Xenohydra Queen Rutulus

Queen Rutulus, born at one of Cy Dragonstake’s infamous Bipedra clutches, came into the world a Queen and wasted no time building her hive.

She is a domineering creature, demanding unquestioning loyalty and rewarding such with her favour. She is feared and loved in her hive as a bringer of boons — or a bringer of death.

Rather than breeding a horde as other xenodragons might, she has committed mostly to collecting xenodragons from around the Nexus. She regularly sends out her drones, or goes out herself, to clutches around the Nexus to lay her claims.

Her most loyal and precious drone, Veness, is always by her side.

Junior Queens

Nonbreeding Queens. They are permitted to exist in the Hive because they have accepted that they won’t be allowed to bear clutches themselves.

Spotted Yellow Junior Queen (Chicken) Chrisarellass
Spotted Yellow Chicken, Junior Queen

The Warriors


The Queen’s honour guard. A born rank, though on occasion normal Warriors can be elevated to Praetorian as an honor rank.

Purple-Black and Copper Warrior (high) Unddyness
Purple-Black and Copper Warrior (high)
Opalescent Green-Black Praetorian Terress
Opalescent Green-Black Praetorian


Those who fight for the hive. A born rank, warriors have a higher standing in the hive than dones, but are still considered a worker caste.

The Drones

The bulk of the Hive. Drones do the work of creating and maintaining the hive, making certain everyone is fed and cared for, and making sure the Queens and (to a lesser degree) the warrriors are comfortable.

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