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Li-Shea Olhetre

Pale Red-Orange-Yellow Mutt Li-Shea Olhetre

Li-Shea Olhetre

Bonded to Deesilen Turun


Li-Shea always sees the glass as half full, and anyone would be hard pressed to get him to see otherwise. He also has the annoying habit of verbally defending any wrong-doer, and Li-Shea is never afraid to call on his colorful imagination to come up with an excuse.

He is the kind of dragon that, besides finding the bright side to any situation, is rooted to his beliefs — Li-Shea is extremely stubborn when it comes to anything involving morals, and despite his ever-present smile, he will stand firm behind his own code. He is devoted to Deesilen, and has learned to see past his bond’s sometimes maudlin musical tastes to the good and optimistic heart beneath; he often serves as a sounding-board for Deesilen’s most recent artistic ideas, and in turn he will critique with the intention to bring more joy to them.


For everybody to get along and have true compassion and understanding for one another.


Saria-Li O., sister and sponsored

Poldyn T., sponsor-nephew

Irenaeth A., good friend


Mutt (Schattarneki x Dagger Dragon)


Pale Red-Orange-Yellow






2.1m shoulder (medium-small)




Fire Magic Specialist


Verbal Speech

Flame Breath

Burning Mist Breath

Conjure Flame

Summon Fire Imp



Saria-Li O., Pale Yellow
Tiir-lil O., Red-Orange-Yellow
Unin-kiil O., Red-Orange-Yellow


Ar-ol O., Red-Yellow
Rin-tal O, Brown-Red
Li-Shea O., Pale Red-Orange-Yellow


Gold Dagger Dragon








Red-Orange-Yellow Schattarneki







Li-Shea is chasing Cwerty at Lantessama Isle

Nidus Aven opening back up to the wider Nexus had been many things to many people, but one of the main results had been an increase in tourism. Some of that was incoming, but for the first time in years, it was outgoing, too.

For the purpose of Nidus record keeping, flight attendees were marked as tourism, but it was hardly frivolous intentions that drew Li-Shea to look through the flight bulletins for other Nexus worlds. Well, sure, taking part in a flight would be fun, that was certainly an upside, but he was subject to a deeper yearning. So he sorted through the posted flight lists while Deesilen rehearsed his most recent aria in their shared home.

“I think I’d like to go to Lantessama,” he said, in a break while Deesilen was muttering over chords.

“Pardon me?” His bond asked, fully distracted for a moment until he read, through their connection, the depths of Li’s wistfulness. Then he shifted over, butted his head against his partner’s.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve set foot out of our walls, Dee, and… and I think I’d like to take part in a flight there,” he admitted. “There’s a dragoness who seems like someone I might get along with, well, and she’s gorgeous.”

“Darling. That’s lovely.” Li shouldn’t have been surprised that Dee approved so unreservedly, but he could feel Dee’s deep romantic streak kicking up. The dark indigo singer was just glowing with reflected delight. “What a beautiful thing to do, to help bring new life into the world!”

Li scooped his tail around his partner, almost embarrassed with how much it relieved him that he approved. Their bond was everything Li needed in a life partner, but it had always straddled the odd divide between fraternal and romantic, and their physicality had only ever been that of companionship. Li had found that he had a deep desire to feel what it was like to want.

Deesilen, feeling these echoing emotions from his bond, slipped one of his ever-present bracelets off of one forearm and presented it with solemn ceremony to Li-Shea. “Take this with you,” he said, “and know that my heart is with you too.”