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Iridescent Cream-Pearl Mutt Namessi



As delicate as their mother Sarresi, and as stoic as their mother Cerasenany, Namessi is a very self-aware dragon even in their youth. This may end up being a bit self-limiting of them, but Ceras has been trying to help them learn their limits and how to gently expand them. They’re already good at reading other people, quietly very aware of peoples’ moods and more subtle motivations.

Both of his mothers dote on him terribly, in their own ways. He was the child who chose to stay with them amongst a whole clutch that dispersed across the Nexus, finding kinship in Sarra and her delicate way of moving through the world. He took a day or two to warm to Cerasenany, but quickly enough grew able to read right through her stoic outers.

He thrives under their attention and warmth, and even if he is sure his life will be a quiet, unflashy one, he is also sure that he is loved and wanted. As a youngster, that’s all he needs.


His mamas. Cloudy days. Warm water to swim in.


Cerasenany, mother

Sarresi, mother


Mutt (daemon x silshar)


Iridescent Cream-Pearl






will be 2.3m shoulder (medium-small)


Tris’Hath, Nidus Caeligenus, private clutch (Rainbow Glitz Gather on the Discord)





Telepathy, Teleportation

Verbal Speech

Gene Manipulation of own offspring

Magic Leeching

Mineral Manipulation



Cerrasanne, Iridescent Glowing Cream
Cirafex, Iridescent Glowing Purple
Sesisesi, Iridescent Glowing Blue
Sisany, Iridescent Glowing Lavender


Asansi’isar, Iridescent Glowing Pink
Brimstal, Iridescent Glowing Light Yellow
Ceresesar, Iridescent Glowing Blue
Goren, Iridescent Light Orange-Red
Namessi, Iridescent Cream-Pearl


Iridescent Glowing Light Blue (Dray)
Iridescent Glowing Blue (DF)
Iridescent Wisteria (Nomi)
Iridescent Green (Neishai)
Iridescent Purple (Ktrenal)
Iridescent Glowing Light Green (Bug)


White (albino) Silshar








White Opal Miner Daemon







Nidus Caeligenus was far from home, and Sarresi had taken the journey only with difficulty and Ceras’s help. It was a blessing that neither of the two mothers had had to carry eggs themselves, as far as Sarra was concerned, though she would have undertaken it for the results. As it was, the team that had offered to do them the service to begin with had been wonderful at walking them through every stage of becoming parents. It was certainly different than having attended the Flurry all those years ago. A lot less akin to a party. A lot more deliberate.

Sarra had known from the moment they had decided on a big clutch that most of their children would leave with other people. That was normal, and wonderful in its own way, and although she couldn’t help but worry for the children who went away, she trusted Ceras’ judgemental eye and the screening processes of the Abstract Destiny’s well-honed machine.

Still, Namessi was a comfort.

The kit hadn’t said outright that they were going to stay with their mothers. There was a seed of doubt in Sarra’s heart that they would, but it was a small seed: since the moment she had gently helped crack shell for the struggling egg, Namessi had kept by her side.

He lay curled up between her forepaws now, a small yellow circle who looked so much like his mothers. She ducked her head and nuzzled the resting kit, then laid her head alongside for a rest herself.

~Mama?~ Namessi spoke aloud much of the time, but seemed to prefer the closeness of telepathy when it was just him and his mothers.

~Yes, my pearl?~

~Can we visit the others who’ve left, sometime?~

Sarra thought about it, tail curling and uncurling. She hadn’t been home since she’d moved to the Nidus. Some of that was the Mists, but much more of it was having found her place in the world. Still… ~Perhaps. If they would like us to.~

~Oh.~ He seemed to think about it. ~Well, I guess that’s fair. If they don’t want us to visit, we won’t. I just worry they might be lonely.~

Her heart ached empathy for the little one. ~Well, we’ll just check in with them now and then to make sure they aren’t. You are a good kit, Namessi.~