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Nydag Na’carrah

Nydag Na’carrah

Standing or Sponsoring at Nairyg’s Clutch at the Abstract Destiny, Nidus Caeligenus


Nydag is a study in contrasts, though that observation would leave him feeling very self-conscious.

He spent his formative first few years with his sponsor-mother on Star City, the great space station upon which he was born, steeped in technology and magic woven together, and surrounded by a wide and colourful variety of people who lived a wide variety of lives. He was very rarely looked at askance.

When Onithris felt the pull to move back to Tris’Hath, to reunite with her estranged bond, Nydag made the choice as a half-grown young adult to come with her and find a life there. It turned out the Warren was almost as different from Star City as one could get: very little technology, a closer-knit community built largely around dragon-riding, and, most pertinently, a population that met him with shock and distrust.

He and Onithris tried to make the best of it, although Oni’s bond Talitha would not allow the mostly-grown hydra — still sprouting his last few heads — to move into the family den in the New Warren. With that rejection, Nydag’s options pared down to almost done. So together with Onithris, he went about carving him out a space all his own in the deep, abandoned caverns under the Warren.

Now fully grown, He is a resilient dragon, but sensitive to rejection. He is a friendly and jovial soul, but leery of and intermittently afraid to reaching out to find new friends. He likes to make guests feel welcome, and yet has kitted out the approach to his den with things to scare off the timid. He carries a lot of confused shame, but has learned how not to be defensive of criticism — something he’s had to do, as anything that comes across at all aggressive or unfriendly is liable to get him flack. He can laugh off his tics, most of the time, even when they get bad, but he’ll go sweat about it in private later.

He has learned how to cope by making a small, tight group of other draconic friends at the Warren, mostly hathians, mutts, or offworlders who have a bent towards adventure and exploration. He’s a very energetic creature, and although he can’t fly with his bulk, he can run like the wind. He spends about half his time outside of his den, exploring Tris’Hath or — now that things have opened up again — other worlds, but he always comes home to the Warren. He loves Onithris, and his friends, and even with all the ways parts of it have done him wrong, he does love the Warren.


Acceptance, that he knows he’ll never entirely get. Peace in his heart.


Onithris, sponsor-mother


Nydag is afflicted with Tourette’s Syndrome. He has both motor and phonic tics that constantly change in number, frequency, severity, and location. Motor tics are involuntary movements of his body, like a kick of the foot or sudden turn of the head. Phonic tics are involuntary sounds made through his nose, mouth, or throat. Nydag does NOT have the most well-known form of Tourette’s, which is coprolalia, the spontaneous utterance of expletives. His noises are merely noises, and both forms of tics are almost entirely beyond his control – trying to hold them back is like trying to restrain a really bad itch or sneeze.

Crown Gems:

1 white opal, 1 amethyst, 2 emeralds, 1 sapphire




15-Headed White






8.8m shoulder (very large)


Tunnel Menace



Telepathy, Teleportation

Verbal Speech

Breath Weapon: Acid

Breath Weapon: Ice


Onithris leaves, sponsoring Nydag and giving him a home on Star City. Some time later, Sunaka visits Star City and meets her sponsor-nephew.


Nydag gets a visitor with an interesting proposition.




Juotir N., Green
Kaohis N., Green
Kaorin N., Green
Nairyg N., Silver
Neuwen N., Yellow
Saeneh N., White
Taerih N., White
Zourin N., Yellow


Jucom N., Blue
Kedac N., Red
Rasil N., Blue
Remeg N., Blue
Seluv N., Blue
Tazur N., Silver
Vekod N., Red
Vesad N., Red
Zaler N., Yellow

Korulantis Diamis

27-headed Crimson Majestic Hydra


31-headed Black Chaos Hydra




30-headed Black Chaos Hydra




Gold-horned Red Hathian