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White King's Bishop Mutt Qibbanith



At first blush, Qibbie is an undeniable sweetheart, and that bears out, alongside his ever-ticking mind and his giddy intensity of focus on the things that he likes.

Even just the way he carries himself through the world seems gentle and kind and just a little hesitant in the way that makes anyone with parenting instincts want to pick him up and protect him. He is a darling and a dear and it comes naturally: there’s no artifice here. (As he grows he may get a little more self-aware about it, but as a hatchling? He’s almost oblivious of the effect he has one people.)

He’s got a clever, sober mind, and prefers to think all things through before he makes decisions or comes to conclusions. It makes him hesitant on occasion, paralyzing rarely, but he can’t really turn it off. He’s smart and sees systems easily, including the systems of other peoples’ personalities and emotional landscapes.

This tends to mean that he tries to people-please and prioritize others — except when he finds something that he’s really excited about. He’ll chase his own delights when he discovers them, and he’ll bring everyone around him along for the ride: he’s a motormouth about the things he loves, which in turn is endearing to those who love him.

He’s excited to learn magic, though his grasp of magical practice as yet is unrefined: he likes the idea of magic and has a general awareness of the things he might grow into being able to do, but right now he’s just learning the basics. Practical skills are a little harder for him to pick up than abstract ones, and he and Kessa have been working closely together to slowly lay a groundwork there.


Stats: Strength 4, Speed 3, Endurance 3, Agility 4, Health 3, Intelligence 3


Kessa C., sponsor

Keneo’Mybl, sponsor’s bond




White King’s Bishop






2.8m (medium-small), lean and slinky





(Telepathy, Local Teleportation, Telekinesis)

Verbal Speech

Void Spells 6

Void Teleport

Void Sense 3

Long Life 2

Verbal speech

Fire Breath

Shape Shift

Strong latency: may be able to slightly alter existing features, but cannot outright shapeshift. Any changes to superficial things (horn type, crest shape, etc) will carry in those offspring



Ginaaeth, shimmer white-pointed black
Lomnuth, cloudy black-white
Migsulth, grey-splotched black
Orodinth, black-pointed grey
Qibbanith, white
Ryofath, grey-white calico
Shairoyth, grey calico
Tserrith, black-grey-white calico
Wipshath, grey-black calico
Xusanyth, shimmer-wing cloudy grey


White-Grey-Black Calico Mutt








White-White-Bronze Pernese






Firestone Eienic Mutt


Red-Gold Unknown






Bronze Unknown





Written by Shard, for the 2021 Checkerboard Ball Pickups

Where are they? Keneo asked, knowing full well where her bond was, but the other dragon shrugged.

“Not there, where they should be,” Chuah replied, “They’re missing out.”

Indeed, that was true – because not only had their bonds been missing during one of the big stage productions involving magic and alchemy, they weren’t on hand to see the first seven groups of hatchlings! It was also true that the dragons had their own bunch of distractions, not just watching the delightful parade of little ones nosing around the area. They were able to ‘tune in’ to their bonds, who were frankly being quite a bit more pest-like and sneaky than the dragons would have been able to keep up with anyway.

The pair of Geperna had remained with their bonds only long enough to move over to the draconic portion of the venue, but they, like many others bonded to humanoids at the event, also would poke their noses into the biped side, or even just lounge and watch the big-screen tvs found in the comfortable balcony nooks of what was going on. Each half of the venue was so busy! But they could hardly imagine what it would have been like if all the dragons and all the humanoids were in the same space… trying to ballroom dance? With a bunch of 3-meter-tall dragons in the way? (And some much bigger?)

And ‘a bunch’ wasn’t even covering it… there were so many. People, dragons, dragon people. There were a good number of Geperna, though there were also… some Death Court and very strange dragon…ish … creatures here tonight. And wisely, this pair chose to keep out of their way.

Do you hear that? Keneo said, glancing around. I … could swear I heard something calling me.

“No?” Chuah shrugged again, and adjusted his big cloth bow tie with a claw.

Keneo made a concerted effort to locate the source of this sound, and when she did find it… It would be another hour and a half before her bond would see. There was something so completely heartwarming about this young dragon – but Keneo’Mybl was no fool. Her bond needed the night, needed the time scooting around with her humanoid companions. And this would be a perfect cap on the evening.


There were actually quite a few more bonded dragons in the biped-side dome than before, not merely the newly impressed or arrived hatchlings – but full sized dragons, some of them just wanted to be near their partners in this moment when the Midnight bell was about to ring. Chansua and Kessa and the others had had their little… adventure, and were now alternating between sheepish guilt and wholehearted laughter at it all.

When Kessa saw her lovely silver dragoness she was about to launch into a tale of that adventure, but stopped short. There was more than just her shimmery hide here – there was a much whiter one, a small but long dragonet? Nestled up beside her? A tentative mind reached out, it wasn’t to try and bond or intrude, it was a gentle and happy ping.

“Well who’s this?” Kessa asked, mostly to her dragon.

This is Qibbanith, she nuzzled the young dragon, go ahead little one, introduce yourself, she urged.

We have been talking, I’d like to come with you both, we can learn magic again together! His whirling eyes sparkled, but Kessa was having a hard time seeing them, through her tears. Oh no no – I didn’t mean to –

“It’s all right, I… I’m not sad, we’ll teach you, and I… will learn again too.”