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Riyae Chxalli


Any kid that decides to bond her father and her father’s bond has to have a good sense of humor! The bond that Riyae shares with Matramo and Paxis is light but there, tangibly so, and she inserted herself into the binary with ease if not with a lot of warning. In the preternaturally perceptive way that bonding dragons tend to have, she knew before she was really even conscious of knowing it that she was a good match with the pair. That’s proven itself true time and time again, even as she’s grown up.

She keeps things light and has a love of adventure, but isn’t afraid to show affection or to receive it. In fact, she loves to get adored in particular. She is a touchy-feely youngster, loving to wrestle and play, and acts as a kind of bridge between Paxis’s already-grown self and Matramo’s remaining childlike qualities. She’s kept her youthful joie du vivre through adolescence.

In herself, Riyae is quite the personality. After some struggle to figure out exactly who she is, she’s grown up to be a dashing personality, if a little needy now and then. For the most part her love of attention and praise is tempered by her excellent and jovially self-deprecating sense of humor. She’s much better at pointing out her own foibles than taking criticism from others, but at least she tends to treat criticism as a challenge to overcome whatever flaw is being pointed out. She’s very driven, especially when she’s in the mindset of seeing things as adventures or new experiences — two things she absolutely adores. She also has a deep independent streak, which is why she’s kept her bond so light as compared to other joinings around the Nexus. She likes to be able to keep this thoughts private now and then, and to work things out on her own.


Adventure, fun, attention, adoration.


Matramo S., bond

Paxis D.P., bond-slash-dad

Keshoo C., brother

Anhbesana D.P.. cousin

Lasair D.P., cousin

Sihir D.P., cousin

Fortis D.P., bond’s brother

Tripudia D.P., bond’s sister




Opalescent White with Yellow Fire






4.1m at the shoulder (medium), 10.0m long (medium-short)


The Bower, Clutch 19R





Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleportation

Verbal Speech

Functional Magic

Generates a form of magic that can be manipulated like a physical material to serve a wide range of tasks; can also be used to supplement diet and lengthen lifespan

Shifting (Human-Asandus Spectrum)

Changes into a human form (skin and hair color preserved), and intermediate forms with practice

Body-Heat Control

Can change body temperature approximately 5 degrees celsius up or down


Can shift between planes in the universe, though it has an affinity towards fiery, chaotic, ‘hellish’ ones and has a very difficult time with ones that are more ‘heavenly’


Sponsoring at Nidus Asteri




Cucytao C., Mahogany Brown
Keshoo C., Orange
Ketee C., Red-Black
Nice C., Rust Red
Raeryo C., Red-Black
Riyae C., Opalescent White


Chigretle C., Opalescent White
Niloniy C., Black
Sweya C., Dark Rust Red

Itheflene Chxalli

Red-Black Mutt

Durolor Caelumpictor

Red-Orange Mutt


Orange and Cream Il’arta

Ilmi Caelumpictor

Dark Red-Grey Mutt

Cyprium Chxalli

Copper Flamed Copper Fireling

Nin’Queesha Chxalli



Gold-White Sun Goddess


Fire Elemental

Paxis Diemicana-Pariyani

Askan-Piralan Asandus

Ketvia Pariyani

Piralan Asandus

Adama Pariyani

Piralan Asandus

Reve Pariyani

Piralan Asandus

Chiya Diemicana

Askan Asandus

Cadencia Diemicana

Askan Asandus

Ivrian Diemicana

Askan Asandus