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Sedition Balechild

Sedition Balechild


Sedition doesn’t believe in violence, threats, or bullying people into doing what you want them to. Strength comes from numbers and solidarity, the support of a trusted family, and even the weakest member of a hive can be raised to be something great. Give her the tired, the weak, the struggling masses desperate for recognition… and she will raise an army that loves her. Better to have soldiers that will throw themselves at your enemies out of fanatical devotion to you than for any other reason, no?

The notion of family drives Sedition: this is both biological imperative and personality at play. A queen by birth, she carries authority automatically and easily, and has since her first breath: if her collective is a family, she is the head of that family. This is the unquestionable order of things. Her role in that order is authority, adoration, and the protection of her collective. To a greater degree than is perhaps usual for hive-kind, she considers the emotional lives of her subjects as important to protect as their physical existence. If she notices someone amongst her collective is having a hard time, she’ll get involved, or send another to: at the moment, the collective is small enough that this makes sense for her to do. As it grows, it may become more of a diffuse cultural norm. She certainly hopes so.

This is all not to say that Sedition doesn’t have her sharp edges, even aside from the literal. She is strongly opinionated and always absolutely here for a debate — and she is a ruthless debator. She takes issue with authority that cares little for its subjects, as well as with any who might question her own way of doing things. She is right, and she is certain, and woe be to those who attempt to convince her otherwise. She’ll argue for days.

Any who join her new but growing collective get offered the touch of balefire, to tie them to the family, and to grant them the security of belonging to an even larger family than the collective. This is not required, although some of her subjects do look askance at those who refuse the Queen’s gift.

That said, in particular if a member of the collective is really determined to leave, she’ll try and argue them down — but she’ll never stop them. Such defections hurt her heart, but every one of her children must be free to make their own choices, or it’s not a family, it’s a dictatorship.


To grow her family. To protect her family. To help them thrive. To be LOVED.


Balespawn and Myrmex both breed true. Any of her blood offspring will be Balemex.

Corruption Powers: Mastery over the corruption of anything around them, organic, inorganic, and magical alike. Balespawn will actively corrupt other creatures to serve them, to punish them, or simply because they find it an aesthetic improvement. If a Balespawn corrupts another creature to the point that it is no longer recognizable in any way as their original species, it may be called a “Bane”. In terminology, corruption and blight may be used interchangeably. The corruptive essences of Balespawn are so powerful that their constant presence in an area will passively corrupt their entire territory.

Immortality: The cessation of physical aging upon reaching maturity and possession of eternal life thereafter. Can still be killed by lethal injuries.

Realm-Traveling: Above and beyond simple teleportation, the ability to realm-travel and cross into dimensions separated from the Nexus by more than mere space and time.

Amber Bindings: Can spit a yellow-gold liquid that rapidly hardens when it strikes any solid surface, encasing it in a hard shell comparable to amber.

Fossilized Armour: Can reinforce their chitin with plates of resin that are as hard as stone.

Sundew Skin: The ability to secret a sticky colorless fluid from between their chitin plates. It does not impair the Balemex’s movement but acts as a very strong glue, entangling and slowing the movements of any other creature that comes into contact with it. It will not harden as the Amber Binding ability does.


Balemex (Myrmex Balespawn)


Resin (Calcid Wasp)






will be 5’6m shoulder (medium-large)



Telepathy, Teleportation

Verbal Speech

Acid Immunity

Corruption Powers


Mindstream Communication


Resin Secretion



Amber Bindings

Fossilized Armor

Sundew Skin



Deception B., Corruption
Kudzu B., Blight
Sedition B., Resin
Thrive B., Cordyceps
Treason B., Ichor


Brawl B., Ichor
Chance B., Blight
Hedge B., Corruption
Impulse B., Blight
Portent B., Cordyceps
Scorn B., Blight
Smite B., Resin
Steadfast B., Corruption
Swarm B., Cordyceps
Throng B., Cordyceps
Viper B., Blight
Viscera B., Resin
Wary B., Resin
Worthy B., Cordyceps


Absolute B., Corruption
Ambush B., Ichor
Barrage B., Blight
Cutting B., Resin
Fer-de-Lance B., Ichor
Foray B., Resin
Glare B., Cordyceps
Persuasion B., Cordyceps
Slough B., Corruption
Smash B., Blight
Sovereign B., Resin
Splice B., Corruption
Split B., Cordyceps
Tend B., Blight


Queen Paroxysm
Decay Myrmex


Queen Stride
Nectar Myrmex


Queen Leash
Soil Myrmex










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Green-Black Xenodragon Balespawn


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Anathema Scalesbane
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The Red Demon
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