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Crystal Court Bronze Vistixyth


Bonded to Martall


Vistixyth is a bronze wholly without ego, and with an abundance of purpose. He is a helper, as all of his Crystal Court kin are.

Where his bond works on machines, he works on people. He is a discerning, detail-focused, broad-minded dragon, who has taken his calling as a healer to include as much the mind and heart as the body, and though his magical healing skills don’t quite extend into those realms, he’s intent on learning the ways a mind forms and works, and the ways a heart hurts and heals.

He bonded Martall in no small part because of the man’s own patience and insight into his own soul, but also because Martall’s squad’s goals of creating unity out of disparate groups resonates with his blood and his own intentions. Gathering a Wing of Court dragons, despite their many differences, is a goal that makes him curious. Being one of the first, getting to help define what that means and what the tone will be, is a challenge he likes.

For all that, the ways he helps and steers people tend to be from the background. He’s nearly as self-contained as his bond, although he’s less averse to prying. Most of the time he’s a quiet, pearly presence over Martall’s shoulder, keeping watch and observing his fellows.


To help. To heal. To create a space not only free of acrimony, but that encourages the healthy discourse of differences.


His healing power manifests as a ball of light thread between his horns. The wound being healed appears to be sewn, connected by a thread to a glowing ball of thread between his horns. When the light is reduced to nothing, his ability to heal is exhausted. Recuperation takes weeks or months.

Crystal Court dragons cannot bond to other Court Dragons. They are neutral parties.


Crystal Court Vella Crean








3.9m shoulder (medium)


Draconar (tiro)



Telepathy, Teleportation

Verbal Speech

Enhanced Empathy

Can temporarily impact the emotions of another


Knows where to teleport to avoid immediate danger

Danger Sense:

Knows when danger is coming and which direction

Limited Healing

Self Healing

Can heal their own wounds no matter how egregious, except if they are already depleted

Elemental Power: Ice

Elemental Power: Light Balls



Aslorzinth, green
Kulixsanth, gold
Ovnyth, purple


Akudroth, blue
Anazinmalth, white
Huthodrith, brown
Intreolth, red
Vistixyth, bronze


Blue Light Court Vella Crean








many genetic donors







(Excerpt from the Nidus Ryslen Flurry 2021, written by Ty)

More of the Crystal Court dragons had quietly made an appearance – a red, a bronze, a brown, and they were now doing quiet rounds about the hatching sands in case any of the other dragons were trapped as the first white had been.

“Are they healers, then?” Jeyann wondered aloud.

“If not healers, then definitely blessed with danger-sense.” Ke’l commented. “They knew the white was in danger before the rest of us did.”

“I’m glad they’re out there, then, but don’t they need riders? Court dragons need bonds, right Empress Naeodin?”

“They do, but if they have a Calling to Service, they’re going to discharge their duties before they take care of their own needs.”

“But they are hungry and tired from hatching.” Onesto observed.

“I have the feeling they won’t be happy if they retire early and someone gets hurt.” Sable said, his eyes still on the sands. “The green bonded; she may have worn herself out right away.”

“Her watch was ended.” Rys said poetically. “The purple one was still there, and now the others are hatching so they might start bonding now that there are more out there to keep an eye on things.”

“That would be good.” Tirosh said, “Oh, look, the draks are starting to find their riders.”


The Crystal Court dragons kept a close eye on the proceedings, helping where they could and also looking for the most suitable bonds. The Crystals had their own purpose in life, and they needed their riders to be amenable to it, so they were being choosy. The ones that a came after would have more tailored choices, because the people would know what kind of hopefuls to send…

The bronze Crystal Court made his way towards an older male who was very calm and patient. Even though the man’s eyes were closed, he turned to face the bronze as he approached.

“Hello Vistixyth.” Martall said. “I have been waiting for you.”