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If Voirluede isn’t the origin of the Pack’s isolationism, she’s damn well dedicated to maintaining it. She may not quite be the oldest living pack-member but she’s close, and she marks every year in a way others don’t. She is a strong-willed, bullheaded creature, one who knows her worth and who extends that worth to anyone who is of her line — except the ones that hared off into the wild blue yonder never to return. If she ever finds one of those out in the wilds she’s going to knock some skulls. You never call, you never write, what good are you?!

She has a soft spot for Zentubian, her great-grandchild of rather unusual colouration. When he took off she held a space open for him in her heart that she wouldn’t so charitably hold open for others, and when he returned she graced him with only a short period of her disapproval before welcoming him back into her den. When he left and came back again with a non-Hathian in tow and a story about having to protect this runty, fish-pale thing, she allowed it under pain of a drubbing should she turn out to be trouble. That’s not to say Zentubian is immune to her disapproval, though; she just keeps her disciplining of the copper Hathian a non-public affair, and tailors it to his particular understanding. He’s always been an obedient child, after all, when told explicitly what he’s done wrong.

Voirluede is not a kind soul, not exactly, but her leadership is canny and honestly full of pride for her family. She celebrates as often as she disciplines, and she knows she can’t always expect everyone to fall exactly in line. She has learned that the hard way, and carries the scars to remind her what happens when she gets too inflexible.


A strong, healthy lineage, with the strength and ability to defend their place in the world.


Many — most of the Pack is related to her

Zentubian, Copper-Platinum Hathian, great grandson

Zemroiness, Red Hathian, great grand-nephew








48 (mature adult)


4.6m (Medium-Large)



Pack Leader and Matriarch



Telepathy, Teleportation