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Black Warrior (high) Baadaass



Baadaass’s name speaks for her just fine. She moves with the easy security of one who’s at the top of the social totem pole and isn’t going anywhere. She positively dominates most of the other warriors and has an easy truce with the others; and the drones, well, of course they follow her command, she’s a warrior, right? She enjoys a certain amount of favoritism from Rutulus too and surprisingly, she passes that down through the ranks, helping out drones now and then and treating her fellow warriors, even those of lower rank, with easygoing respect.

That’s not to say her status isn’t earned, though. As laid-back as she is now, she did have to fight her way to the top in her early years, starting right at the beginning of her life and not stopping till those who stood in her way were soundly trounced or just plain dead. She bears the scars of her particularly violent early years, as well as the resulting social status: Nobody fucks with Baadaass.




Warrior (high)




5.3m shoulder (medium-large)


Acidic Blood

Acid Immunity

Wall Climbing

Hive Mind

Resin Secretion