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Cabita Caelumpictor

Cabita Caelumpictor

Standing at New Benden


Raised largely by her mother and her uncle, Cabita’s upbringing has bridged the gap between stable and chaotic: she always has a solid base in her mother, except when she loses herself in her work, and she always has an avenue for adventure with her uncle, except when he forgets to bring her along.

She has always tried to be a good girl — that is, respectful, thoughtful, clever, and kind, the metrics for ‘good’ her mother has instilled in her. But reaching adolescence, she has begun to lose patience with the inconsistencies of the people around her: she wants, naturally more control over her own life. From her perspective she’s never been anybody’s first priority, form her family to her gregarious friends group, and she is tired of trading being a good girl for being seen rather than overlooked.

At core she is a very solid person: sure of herself and her values, as well as being sure of her value. She is even-tempered, although she has been experimenting lately with not biting her tongue when she has something to say: just because she doesn’t fly off the handle doesn’t mean she’s obliged to always be a silent, measured presence. She loves adventure, even if new things scare her — she has learned to embrace that kind of fear. She’s shaping up to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie, learning to base-jump (with the help of magic rather than parachutes) off of the taller Nidus buildings with other kids her age for lack of much else to do while the Nidus was still stuck in the ten years of mists that clouded it up until recently. (This was not strictly a sanctioned activity. They got very good at sneaking.)

She does value adherence to rules and structures, although she differentiates between arbitrary rules and sensible ones based wholly on her own youthful internal compass. Any rule that’s supposed to keep other people safe is a good one to follow, but any that’s just to keep her safe, well, we can bend those, right?

Her draconic heritage doesn’t much play into her life. She looks just as human as her mother’s human form, and instead of inheriting her shape-shifting abilities, Cabita has mostly inherited her magic. It’s not the worst thing, although she does desperately wish for wings.


If she were taller, she would be called willowy, but as it is she mostly comes across as a bit of a bag of sticks. Late adolescence meant growth spurts, and she’s not yet caught up with the vertical growth with the lateral. She’s got cheekbones like knives and a pointy little chin.

More notably, her skin is a pale blue, and her hair an odd, rich, warm grey: both of those echo her mother, whose colouration is even more vividly blue-and-silver. Her eyes are a more human-looking grey-brown. She doesn’t tend to use cosmetics, as she has never quite figured out the technique on her own skin tone.

She is only fourteen, but due to the odd genetics on her dragon side she is closer to looking 18 or 19 by human reckoning, and has the corresponding mental and emotional maturity.


Independence. Respect for herself, not just when she’s being obedient. To spread her wings and visit new places.


Ceyestith C., mother

Ciwary C., uncle

She doesn’t know who her genetic father is, but he’s likely some human in the Nidus somewhere


Humanoid (human x dragon mutt)




14 (young adult)




Nidus Aven




Bolt breath (2)

Can breathe a bolt of lightning.