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Beyond the Main Caverns proper is another chamber. A sharply S-curved and narrow corridor joins tihs Boudoir to the rest of the Caverns, but the room itself flares out quickly at the corridor’s end to form a wide, oval room with a high ceiling. Most days, the Boudoir’s walls are a strange shade of dusky purple, lit by a dim and elusive orange light source.

The Boudoir is possibly the least consistent room in the Caverns, being home to some of its more powerful residents. It is home to KTFE and her most trusted companions and relations, and sprouts side-chambers and alcoves as needed to house everyone in comfort. The nature of the cavern itself often shifts, from a wide, high-arching chamber, to a smaller and more intimate environment centered around a broad firepit, to an extremely naturalistic cave complete with stalactites and stalagmites. The furnishings also shift depending on what K or her favoured few need at the moment, but one of K’s favorites is a big pile of brightly-colored pillows and cushions smack-dab in the center of the room.

Sometimes the Boudoir is cut off from the rest of the Caverns, and visitors exiting from the Main Caverns end up directly in the Undercaves, and when this happens, it is impossible for visitors to get in (or out, as the case may be).

Golden Tan Fire Catdragon Ahtar


Golden Tan Fire Catdragon (he/him)
Copper-Carbon Fireling Cupric Chxalli

Cupric Chxalli

Copper-Carbon Fireling (he/him)
Buff Yellow Carbon-Flame Mutt Eemisor Chxalli

Eemisor Chxalli

Buff Yellow with Carbon Flame Mutt (she/they)
Iridescent Ghost Mutt Icuus


Iridescent Ghost Mutt (she/her)
Ocelot Alevaharin Isaina


Ocelot Alevaharin (she/her)
Bloody Moon Mutt Magath


Bloody Moon Mutt (he/him)
Dark Red Mutt Marbas Thain

Marbas Thain

Black-Flame Red Mutt (he/him)
Red-Marked Black Mutt Ninetailth


Red-Marked Black Mutt (she/her)
Halloween Black Mutt Ratanzon


Halloween Black Mutt (he/him)
Mountain Cat Alevaharin Teviad


Mountain Cat Alevaharin (he/him)