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Main Cavern

A great complex of caverns made of purple-brown stone in high, arching formations, and lit by lanterns, light spells, or absent both of those, a deep orange ambient glow that comes from deep slits in the walls that offer a small peek into glowing lava flows beyond.

Possibly the most user-friendly of the complex’s chambers, the Main Cavern is well-lit, well-populated and furnished for all creatures great and small. Its name is a little deceptive, as well: The Main Cavern itself is the main chamber of this section of the Firecaverns, but it has many branch-offs, including an ever-growing resident section to the east and a great number of ‘environment’ caverns to the west. These latter terminate in the Firecavern Cattery and Lofts, and it is extremely common for Hunter Cats or winged pigeon-cats to be found lounging in the Main Cavern along with the more sapient residents.

The residential rooms, though more hospitable and house-like than most of the caves in the complex, still have the aspect of being underground. With the exception of some of the environment caves, rocky ceilings and walls are openly visible or obscured only by wall-hangings and lights, and the ground underfoot feels to the touch like polished concrete but is striated and coloured like the rest of the Caverns’ walls.

Outside the radius of the inhabited caverns and the environmental caverns, the connected spaces get rougher, more naturalistic. On the same level of of elevation as the Main Caverns themselves, going far enough out will take an explorer into dangerous spaces: caves tight and windy enough to get stuck in, or great broad open spaces lit luridly by flowing lava that throws up fumes and flames.

The main room has a floating, glowing orange directory in it for visitors to the complex, including a map of the caverns that terminates at the entrance to the Undercaves as well as a more specific diagram of the Main Cavern and connected caves.

Blood Red Tavaryn Adlah'Sabyan


Blood Red Tavaryn (he/him)
Black Horned Grey-Marked Copper Red Hathian Alessphelixazhan


Grey-Marked Copper Red Hathian (she/her)
Flaming Copper Whorling Anaxagoras Scholz

Anaxagoras Scholz

Flaming Copper Whorling (he/him)
Fire Opal and Iron Gem Dragon Ashkah'Jidat


Fire Opal and Iron Gem Dragon (she/her)
Fire Boulder Opal and Iron Mutt, Ashkah'Liraz


Fire Boulder Opal and Iron (they/them)
Gold and Fire Phoenix Dragon Aysari'Tobetan ase Kuri Firedancer

Aysari’Tobetan ase Kuri Firedancer

Golden Fire Khaurane (she/her)
Red and Gold Dragon Bizul


Red and Gold Dragon (he/him)
Draconid: Chaser, Gold, Medium, Red
Red and Grey Pernese Variant Citiath


Red-Grey Pernese Variant (she/her)
Opal and Tan Skala Cohrah Dehnlahlee

Cohrah Dehnlahlee

Opal and Tan Skala (she/her)
Rose Gold and Copper Firebird Dragon Cyrelio


Rose Gold and Copper Firebird Dragon (she/they)
Fawn Silver Striped Tabby and White Savannah Aelith Earel


Fawn Silver Striped Tabby and White Savannah Aelith (he/him)
Black-Holographic Prismbeast Hydra Jetness Auradance

Jetness Auradance

Black-Holographic Prismabeast Hydra (she/her)
Irridescent Purple Mutt Kel-ittas Li'Multigenus

Kel-ittas Li’Multigenus

Iridescent Purple Mutt (she/her)
Ruby Kilamdiry Mougati


Ruby Kilamdiry (he/him)
Pale Copper-Gold Schattarneki Nge-wuun


Pale Copper-Gold Schattarneki (she/her)
Tuxedo Ticked Ginger Miandakhar Saamsu Atter

Saamsu Atter

Tuxedo Ticked Ginger Miandakhar (he/him)
Brown Kijana Siho


Brown Kijana (he/him)
Dusky Red K'marna (Mage) Skink


Dusky Red K'marna Mage (she/her)
Pearl Kilamdiry Tergaine


Pearl Kilamdiry (she/her)
Purple-Orange Mutt Thoroughfare


Purple-Orange Mutt (they/them or it/its)
Red-Black Flurry Mutt Tieffen


Red-Black Flurry Mutt (she/her)
Gold-Horned White-Violet Vilyarus


Lavender-White Hathian (he/him)
Brown Tortie Desert Aelith Yalo


Brown Tortie Desert/Scrub Aelith (she/her)