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Grey Brindle Pernese Intagith



Intagith is a queen, and everybody is going to know it. She gets what she wants, is in no way shy, and though she’s polite with other queens she’s implacable with those she considers within her domain.

She may not be gold, but she knows herself and her own mind. She knows what she is, and — maybe having a bit of a chip on her shoulder about not being visibly a queen — she’s not shy about announcing herself (or, better, having others do it for her). She is drawn to authority, both in the sense of admiring those who have it and feeling that she is well-suited for it, and she will tend to assume in group situations that she’s the decision-maker. She assumes this so seamlessly that it often just sort of… becomes true. (Ole doesn’t really have the chutzpah to stop her, and has sort of resigned himself to his fate as her beloved prime vassal.)

Maybe it’s something about having been born at a chess-themed event, but she doesn’t feel the need to rule over everything — what fun is the game without an opposing team? She’s clear about who she considers hers, and amongst those she’ll dictate and domineer to her heart’s content. She’s young, though, so as yet her sphere of influence is small. This will change.

As queens go, she is not prone to temper tantrums of fits of pique: she will instead steamroll to get what she wants, and if someone resists her to the point of actually succeeding in doing so, she will calmly and decisively eject them from her good graces. No getting back in, no second chances: if someone does not want to be a part of her court, well, they’re off the board for good.


Stats: Strength 4, Speed 4, Endurance 4, Agility 5, Health 1, Intelligence 5


Pernese (variant)


Noise-marked Graphite Grey, shiny smoke grey wingsails






3.5m shoulder (medium), strong, wiry





(Telepathy, Local, Time, and Nexus Teleportation, Telekinesis)


Verbal Speech





Chorap D., Grey and Black
Cilali D., Light Grey
Dantel D., Light Grey and Dark Grey
Eyerarkasi D., White
Gül D., Dark Grey
Halkasi D., Light Grey and Black
Karartmak D., Black and Grey
Kulrengi D., Dark Grey
Yag D., Black
Yanankenar D., Dark Grey and Light Grey


Silver Pernese








Smoke Dragon







Written by Shard, for the 2021 Checkerboard Ball Pickups




“Oh. Ee. LOH. loh.”

Olelikoth sat back there behind the barrier between the dragon side and bipedal side and Oelolo knew that spike bearing dragon had a stupid dad grin on his muzzle.

No one could tell what expression the human-formed Oelolo wore, because there was a flit covering it. He had to continually struggle to keep the little thing from… well, trying to crawl into his mouth? Ew? The dragon in front of him however somehow managed to maintain both her dignity and be persistently annoying in brutalizing his name.

“I thought –mmpf,” Oelolo paused while removing the flit once more and distracting it with a piece of meat. “I thought that Pernese dragons knew our names.”

The look that she gave him… Black horn buds barely sticking out from those large sized knobs on her head, and the obvious points along her neck that would become large and impressive spines, made her expression more… expressive.

“I do know your name. And we’re also known for shortening them.”

He was about to protest, and at least this time the flitter was now wrapped around one arm and apparently sleepy, when he realized she meant … “Oh no, no no no, you’re not shortening my name to that.” He shook his head and was about to protest, and then realized, “and they don’t normally talk like that either! What’s up with you.”

“I am a queen, queens are built different.” She explained. Still sitting with her long, fan-tipped tail wrapped around her paws, shiny grey wings looking like a metallic beetle’s shell. Well she certainly acted like a queen. She was certainly a good chunk larger than the others from her clutch that he’d glimpsed since she showed up. “You could get me something nice to eat,” Intagith added.

“I could, you got legs,” Oelolo muttered. But he still did – he put his now-slumbering flitter into the gift bag at their table, it would just have to munch on the last of its ‘meat shell’ if it got hungry again. His champagne glass: forgotten once the clutch of impressively built and potentially-sharp dragonets were paraded around. Something had called him to watch as they came through the venue.

The first thing she’d announced, upon finding him, was that he was meant to be on the other side and she’d been waiting. But he had been over here with the two-leggers. Some day perhaps they would fly in the sky together, she insisted that he teach her good tricks when it was time. So now, now she wanted that meat from the corner – she had eaten earlier already, he knew this. Their connection was deep, resounding.

Wait, he paused in mid-step heading toward that selection of fresh hatchling-ready meat. “Weren’t Pernese queens supposed to go to the girls?”

And she had the same gloating look that her sire had, when he looked back.