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Kamala Syaess

White-Copper Elemental Flurry Mutt Kamala Syaess

Kamala Syaess

Bonded to Auma


In Kamala’s opinion, Auma needs to get the hell out of Nidus Aven. At least for a while, but preferably forever. That her bond doesn’t necessarily agree with her doesnt’ cause her stress; she’s sure they’ll come around.

Kamala wouldn’t have bonded Auma if she hadn’t been prepared and ready for a will as strong as hers. The two disagree frequently, which is sometimes frustrating but rarely adversarial. Kamala is not an easy dragon to convince to change her mind, but neither is she mean about it, and if in the long run it turns out someone else was right… well, she’ll concede eventually, though sometimes with a fair amount of grousing and embarrassment. She’s not wholly without ego, after all. She’s from a whole line of flurry whites, and since she isn’t one herself she kind of feels like she’s got something to prove to the world.

She is an intensely affectionate dragon, though. The arguing is part of it; her love language includes rousing debate, which is a little annoying to anyone who doesn’t enjoy talking politics. She’s a bit of a nuisance in her Tiro class for that reason. But her love runs deep, and when she’s not playing devil’s advocate — when the evening is quiet and she’s feeling her quick, sharp mind finally at rest — her favourite thing is curling up around Auma and purring their way to sleep.


To leave the Nidus. To see Auma blossom elsewhere, as she’s sure they would. To die on all the hills.


Revesath, friend, and Eric, friend’s bond


Flurry Mutt








1.8m shoulder (medium-small)


Draconar (tiro)



Telepathy, Teleportation

Wingless Flight

Assisted Firebreath

Can breathe fire if a certain mineral is chewed as fuel

Elemental Control: Ice

Elemental Control: Metal

Shifting (human, retains colouration)



Biera S., white
Isrila S., teal-white
Kamala S., copper-white



Izasia Syaess

Flurry White


Silver-White-Blue Avyndal


Silver-White Avyndal


Copper-White-Blue Avyndal

Koiri Syaess

Flurry White


Flurry White


Silver-Blue Senaerran


White-Blue Winter Mutt


Pale Blue Ice Elemental




Ore Ryslenese


Vibrant Violet Denner


Black-White Danachian

(Excerpt from the Nidus Ryslen Flurry 2021, written by Ty)

The two little imps converged on two other eggs, having successfully thrown the attention from themselves.

‘Come out sisters!’ Ruollix said, bumping his head into one egg as Iaenth gave another a powerful smack. The latter egg cracked, and the inhabitant pushed the shell apart, revealing another impish face, this one paired with the fuzzy beginnings of a proper mane.

She stretched revealing her small floating wings, reminiscent of Istimewa’s disconnected icy snowflake wings, but they were also the shape of feathered wings like her mother had. Interesting little cherub. Her hide was a white marked with a rosy metallic copper. The second egg rocked sharply and knocked into Ruollix’ head, cracking where the two made impact.

‘Ow!’ Ruollix said, sitting back and rubbing his head with one forepaw.


The copper-marked daughter nuzzled her all-white sister and the steely-blue white half-brother, and ventured out. She’d felt her One from inside the shell. Their mind was very strong. Or she was tuned in to them already and would have been able to find them anywhere. She moved confidently across the sands, trusting her knowledge of her chosen to lead her directly to them. She stopped before a vibrantly colored young humanoid, and gently touched their leg with one small paw.

‘Auma, I am your bond, if you will have me. My name is Kamala Syaess.’

The red-skinned humanoid mutt looked down at the white-copper who was no less and perhaps even more of a mutt. They got a choice in this, beyond coming here?

“Of course, Kamala.” They said with a smile