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Lier Garsa

Bonded to Poleth


Lier was part of a motley group of foster-children brought to the Nidus years ago from another Nexus world, and like most of the rest of her little cohort, her origins and heritage are uncertain. She doesn’t care all that much, either: she doesn’t remember her family of origin, and she’s ferociously forward-focused.

She’s also a divorcee at the young age of 22. About a year before the Mists actually cleared she’d pretty much given up on the idea of Nidus Aven ever seeing sky again, and, caclulating her romantic and social odds, shacked up with her childhood sweetheart. It took about a month after the mists cleared for her to regret that decision: suddenly there were so many more possibilities out there, not just romantically but in terms of what she wanted to do with her life. It wasn’t an amicable divorce, but once Lier decided she wanted to cut ties, her now-ex husband didn’t stand a chance. She’s sad about it, but she doesn’t regret it: she made the best decision she could both times, she just had wildly different data each time.

She’s got a tomboyish general bearing, although less energetic and more dry, sarcastic, and perenially a bit enervated. She’s not a cynic, not at all, but her sometimes mean sense of humour can paint her that way. In fact she believes in the power of grabbing possibility with both hands, and takes on life with a great deal of passion. She just doesn’t always show it outwardly in the way people expect.


Slope-shouldered with red-brown hair and a stupid smirk, she cuts a solid but unintimidating figure. She’s got a nice waist and strong legs, but mostly people notice the crow-black feathered wings


To see what’s out there. To travel the Nexus and try out different ways of living.


Mostly human? She’s got wings?








Nidus Aven