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Robbie Sunmeadow

Robbie Sunmeadow

Standing at Nidus Descendi, Clutch #1 (Feyesta)


Robbie arrived at Nidus Aven with a group of displaced orphans and fosterlings that arrived at Nidus Aven a good while before the Mists. She was, at the time, the oldest of them; due to the rapidity with which so many humanoid races age, though, she’s gone from that to being subjectively more or less the same age, or younger, than those she’s watched grow up.

She was fostered out to a farming family very quickly upon arrival, being stout, clever with her hands, and deeply hardy — and because she’d started getting in fights. One of the resident Nidus brats, the child of a higher-ranked draconar, took a disliking to her when she arrived. At first she put up with it, but after the first time he beat her up she fought back and absolutely beat the stuffing out of him. When she gets angry — really angry, or really afraid — she blacks out a bit and fights like a wolverine. She’s self-aware enough that she knows she has to keep this in check, but has used it from time to time to keep her small self from being picked on.

As soon as she became a full adult, she moved out of her foster family’s home. They were fine, they were never bad to her, but after years of it she found farming mind-numbingly boring and the idea of doing it all her life made her skin crawl, even during the Mists when other prospects were slim. She tried livestock-keeping, manual labour around town, brewing, bartending, and stuck with none of them long enough to get really good at time. When the Mists cleared, though, like so many other young Nidus residents she found herself called by the great wide open spaces outside the Nidus. She tagged along some exploratory and cartographical outings, and stumbled purely by chance on a new natural skill: she is a fantastic hunter and a fairly good tracker. She’s small, she’s careful, she’s hard to hurt, and she’s got a killer instinct.

She’s making a habit, now, of lending herself out to other parties as a hunter, and she’s beginning to get quite popular for it. The chance to stand as a novo for a clutch that seems to have the kind of predilections that would help her really settle into that niche is something she jumped at, when Feyesta’s clutch came through on the grapevine.


Fair-skinned and fair-haired, Robbie looks like someone who’d burn easily in the sun. Her body is thick and stout, chubby around the waist with broad thighs and upper arms. She carries herself with the heavy stomp of someone on a mission at all times.


To be competent enough to define her own life’s path, and to have work interesting enough to keep her brain from melting out her ears. Her aspirations are not high: what she wants ultimately is the security that comes with a place in the world.






42 (young adult)










Bare-Hands Fighting, barbarian-style

Spear Hunting