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S’yance (Sufferance)


S’yance cuts a striking figure and uses that to his benefit. He’s a kind of benign con-man who lucked into bonding a real deal sooth-sayer, and he treats his bond like the needle-in-a-cosmic-haystack miracle that Au’gur is. S’yance plays the dragon’s abilities up while also charging an exhorbitant amount for tellings, which keeps most creatures from knocking at his door unless absolutely desperate. Even then, S’yance has decked their halls with ominous tidings: bones and sinew, complicated sigils and so very many candles.

Before Au’gur, S’yance made his living reading cards, palms, tea leaves, and whatever else a mark needed to be comforted for their future. He didn’t do it purely for self-gain, however; raised in utter poverty by a stringent grandfather who believed quite deeply in an old, old underground faith, S’yance was given a deep training that he alone took forward when his grandfather passed away. He believes not a jot… or he did, before bonding Au’gur. Now he’s not sure what to think, only that it’s dangerous to know the future, but also an advantage so huge he’s willing to do everything to protect it.


Whether his hair started going white young or it was always that way, S’yance isn’t telling, but whatever the case it’s long, light, and pure white, and he keeps it done in braids or pulled back into a lush, low ponytail. He’s tall, pale-skinned with grey eyes, and he has turned leaning into the unearthly aspects of his visage into an art, wearing dark colours that wash him out, employing subtle make-up to bring focus to his eyes and further pallor to his cheeks. He’s not especially willowy, being a broad-shouldered fellow, but he somehow embodies that ephemerality nonetheless.


Security. To have a resource and information advantage. To keep doing his cons without consequence; to be seen as unworldly and possessing of strange knowledge










Nidus Aven


Fortune Teller


Sleight of Hand

Cold Reading

Strategic interior decoration

Fortune-telling, with cards, objects, and organic materials