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Sweetsalt Cove

A newly-established construction a fair ways out from the Nidus proper, along a thin spit of land between two sunny bays — one quite shallow and sandy, the other one trending more rocky and abruptly growing quite deep. A number of aquatic and beach-loving sorts have moved out this way, creating homes both abovewater and under. The mouth of a meandering river meets the far apex of the shallower bay, and a few freshwater sorts have established a smaller sub-satellite out that direction.

Plum-Raspberry Mutt Atrata


Plum-Raspberry Betta-Dragonfish (she/her)
Helm Dundragon

Helm Dundragon

Anthromorphic Komodo Dragon(she/her)
Translucent Dragon Lucen


Translucent Sea Dragon (he/him)
Pale Grey LockNexiian Shanty


Pale Grey LochNex (he/him)
Summas Ofrandes

Summas Ofrandes

Sea Elf (he/him)
Humanoid: Hundreds, Male, Sea Elf
Partial-Albino Mutt Tempaerta Filidegembira

Tempaerta Filidegembira

Partial-Albino Mutt (she/her)


Siren (they/them)