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Tor Disampilus

An organization within the wider Nidus intended for Asandae and Asandus mixes, the Disampilus took their new name upon realizing they were sundered from their world of origin. A squat, broad tower, built during the Mists, sits on the very edge of the arable land that had gone into the Mists with the Nidus, and now that they’re out again, the Disampilae are building a wider enclave. They are not precisely separate from the Nidus, but rather, a discrete organization within the whole.

Niteshan-Makanan Asandus Aesculeta Ventul

Aesculeta Ventul

Makanan/Niteshan Asandus (she/her)
Pigmentless Mutt Dalica Promontores

Dalica Promontores

Pigmentless Opal Mutt (she/her)
Red Mutt Eesasa Promontores

Eesasa Promontores

Red Mutt (she/her)
Ingenua Discedus

Ingenua Discedus

Niteshan-Piralan Asandus (he/him)
Hypopigmented Piralan Asandus Kantilli Persada

Kantilli Persada

Hypopigmented Piralan Asandus (she/her)
Matramo Sentadergae

Matramo Sentadergae

Makanan-Piralan Asandus (he/him)
Niteshan/Old Cascatan Asandus Palleflos Luctus

Palleflos Luctus

Cascatan-Niteshan Asandus (they/them)
White-Cream Derivative Quises Nemo

Quises Nemo

White-Cream Derivative Work (he/him)
Opalescent-White Mutt Riyae Chxalli

Riyae Chxalli

Iridescent White Mutt (she/her)
Hypopigmented Askan-Piralan Asandus Tripudia Diemicana-Pariyani

Tripudia Diemicana-Pariyani

Hypopigmented Askan-Piralan Asandus (she/her)
Tristis Amor

Tristis Amor

Askan/Makanan Asandus (he/him)