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Thomas Genson

Thomas (Tom) Genson

Bonded to Sulaanerth


As the son of a metalworker, one would expect Tom to be down to earth and practical. In fact, he is both of those, but the resemblance to his father ends there. He is a very philosophical person but lighthearted at the same time; he enjoys honest playful fun and loves being around his friends. He is idealistic and believes in true love, though his vision of what that means has evolved as he’s lived his own life. He is always trying his best to make the world around him brighter in little and big ways. He is sincere and thoughtful, though he also tends to try and put up a happy front even when he’s less than cheerful.

Tom and Sulaanerth were a match made in heaven to begin with, and with time they’ve only grown more so. The pair work well together and are the kind of people that kids absolutely love: they play off each other very well, especially while teaching or telling stories, to the point where they practice their bits with each other. They are also wildly tender with one another, free with their affection and adoration.

Tom and his husband U’tin got married some handful of years after the founding of the Nidus, and have been one of those couples that constitute the greater part of their friends’ social lives — much to their son Blaine’s embarrassment, his dads are popular. They don’t throw parties as such, but it’s a surprising day when the Genson house doesn’t have guests of some sort, and even Blaine’s friends have often come for save haven or just a break from their own home lives. Tom absolutely lives for this.


Tom is a tall and lithe man, with short, wispy red hair and light brown eyes. He has the build of one who doesn’t do a lot of physical activity, and everyone says that he looks a lot like his mother. In the summer attire he always wears around the Nidus, he doesn’t look like much more than a beanpole, and even as he ages he seems to be retaining his wiry form.


Playfulness, gentleness, safety; a wide group of friends and interesting conversation. For his son to tell him about his life more.


Blaire G., son

U’tin, husband, and Fweth, husband’s bond

Sunflame, bond’s son

Kessa, best friend, and Keneo’mybl, bestie’s bond

Fenze, friend, and Tokifosa, friend’s bond

Carixaem, sponsor










Hirix, Northern Novinitu





Particularly philosophy and dragon care

A bit of metalwork


A young Tom, and friends Kessa and Fenze, in their childhood home.


Chansua Searches Tommy and friends to bond at the Flurry.


Fenze and Tom reunite. Fenze goes to the Flurry.


So many years later, Tom brings his son to Ryslen.