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Black Pawn Pernese Vakante


Bonded to White Urrodoth & Thehy


Vakante slots right into the dynamic of his adult bonds like he was always meant to be there. He’s a silly little thing, preferring to spend his time in games and play, although he is also shaping up to be a very clever mind, and remarkably flexible in his approach to life. He isn’t passive, but when things happen to him (rather than him happening to them, which is equally likely), he shifts immediately into a very observant go-with-the-flow kind of attitude. He’s a fabulous improviser.

Case in point, he’s already learned to serve as a little extra supplementary memory to Urrodoth, his older half-sister and one of his two bonds. When she gets a bit silly-brained he’s fabulous at getting her back on track without seeming like that’s what he’s doing, and when she’s a little bewildered by her bond mentioning something that she doesn’t remember well, he rolls in with a mental image to pass along or a wild speculating to make that’ll make everybody laugh. She’s his favourite playmate and his best big sister, after all, and the two can often be seen romping around the Nidus together on adventures apart from their human bond. They get up to all kinds of high-energy mischief together, and are seen by some as a nuisance — but only by the very boring, really.

He has picked up Thehy’s propensity for learning, though, and everything she’s stacked her brains with over the years is liable to get the youngster demanding to learn it too. He’s already figured out the rules for dice, just from watching when Thehy was trying not to let him see. Ha, ha, sneaky little devil.


va KANT eh, while their full Piece counterparts inherit their Pernese -TH parents’ naming structure the Knockoffs of this clutch are known as -ANTE, if promoted this may inherit either way
Stats: Strength (2), Speed (2), Endurance (1), Agility (2), Health (2), Intelligence (4)




Black Pawn 5 (dark grey with medium-sized checkerboard)






1.1m (small), slender and strong




Psionics (Telepathy, Local Teleportation)

Assisted Firebreath


After ten years in the Mists, Thehy, Urrodoth, and a whole bevy of friends get into trouble at the Checkerboard Ball 2021. Pre-bonding story for Vakante et al.

Appears (sort of)



Zadante, black
Gwepante, dark grey
Hunante, dark grey
Black Pawn 4, dark grey
Vakante, dark grey
Black Pawn 6, dark grey
Black Pawn 7, grey
Black Pawn 8, grey
Dunante, white
Saegantae, white
White Pawn 3, light grey
Pinante, light grey
White Pawn 5, light grey
Kivante, light grey
White Pawn 7, grey
Sidante, grey

Ancheoth (donor)

Black-Lightning Pernese/Ryslen


Black Pernese




Lightning Grey Ryslen


Gold Pernese


Lightning Black-Green Mutt

Tehndarinth (donor)

White-Silver Flurrier




White-Gold Pernese


White-Bronze Pernese


White Pernese



Written by Shard, for the 2021 Checkerboard Ball Pickups

“We didn’t know she was a dragon!” “That was sneaky, how were we supposed to know she was part of the casino staff?” Unitsila Kiona had been among those visitors watching but rarely participating in the card games, and when she caught the two young shifter dragon-people… well, sparks might fly eventually, but maybe not tonight. Thehy distracted the security people (how did a guy that size get stuffed into a brilliant white suit like that? Excellent tailoring, that’s how…) and while the pair of shapeshifted dragon-kids were slinking away to do who-knew-what, Thehy went back to the gambling.

Little did the ‘boys’ know, but she used the winnings from her first few throws of the dice, to cover their ilicit ‘wins’. Maybe she’d take it out of their pay at some point, did dragons get pay? She’d have to find out. All of those thoughts rumbled around in her mind as she tossed dice and made a tidy pile of chips for herself.

While she was distracted by her compatriot’s amazing lute-playing session, Thehy started to feel something a little weird. It was coming from her dragon, who had already been over on the four-footer side of the venue, enjoying her time watching dragons do their feats of flaming or whatnot.

The thing was, Thehy got a very distinct feeling that there was more to it than just a few flames and maybe a game of hide and seek?


You found me! The dragonet was delighted. And the adult dragoness was too, since she hadn’t gotten too lost in the shuffle and did remember she was playing hide and seek. Of course, she was meant to be seeking for the other adult dragons that were participating in this ‘stealth-event’, but instead found a little tiny dark grey dragonet with especially entertaining wingsails.

I did! If you want to play some more, we can do that, Urrodoth bespoke, feeling the wave of exhaustion from her little sort-of-half-sibling. It was entirely possible that they would be almost the same size. The others in the clutch, the ones without the bold checkerboard patterns, were barely bigger; her sire Tehndarinth wasn’t big at all. The cream-and-silver white dragoness Urrodoth brought her focus back to the little one, when it creeled with a big yawn and a rumbling tummy.

We can find the food, the adult sugggested. She just followed her nose, the smell of fresh meat mingled with fish and the sea, oh right they were under the water.

Eventually, as the night wore on, Urrodoth realized that her rider was wondering where she’d gone to. Many of the small sized dragons – like herself – had remained with their riders in the main biped venue. But Urrodoth absolutely wanted to check out all the fun and games beyond the humans’ area. Thehy apparently got lucky with the dice, good for her. There were dice games over on the dragon area too but the rules got too boring to listen to. Particularly with a little dragonet to help!

She wasn’t a mother, she was now its friend, its bond, and could feel that bond warmly seeking out her human partner too. By the time they met back up it was nearing midnight, and Thehy was rather surprised.

“So that was it,” she whispered, bending down to pick up the bitty grey dragonet. “You should rest, it’s been a long night for you, hasn’t it?”

It has – they came out early, we had a lot of fun though! Urrodoth bespoke, and her mind was rich with memories that would become fleeting and vanish within a day or so. It did seem though, that the new dragon, Vakante by name, was both a relative of hers, and … well, considerably smarter? It seemed to understand that they weren’t ‘where they were supposed to be’, in time and space. But tired, full of fresh meat and fish, the dragonet immediately started snoozing with its head dangling long over Thehy’s shoulder.

The bond was strong among the trio, so now Thehy had two little dragons as companions!